• $25 The Ore House (Octagon) Cabaret & Slots Casino Chip Reno, NV #3007

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    Here we have the $25 "The Ore House Cabaret & Slots Casino" Octagon Chip!  

    The RAREST of all The Ore House Chips!  Only 3 will be sold individually while the other 12 will be sold in sets only!

    A Reno, NV "topless cabaret with poker machines", these chips were used as currency to use within house for the ladies.  They were used for lap dances, buying the ladies drinks and of course, tipping.

    The club was open between 1998 and 2002 and the chips were designed by the owner and his son, who were partners in the business.  They also owned another Reno strip club called the Pussy Cat Club.