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Welcome to our online store of casino collectibles & shop of Memories!

Dedicated to awakening those memories of days gone by...
...from the Bachelor/Bachelorette party, wedding or 21st birthday to the Family Vacation in Las Vegas...Lake Tahoe...Reno 
and more!
 You say you didn't think to grab a "memento" at the time!  No worries, we've grabbed some for you!
Be it a casino chip, matchbook, pair of dice, casino ashtray, swizzle stick, napkin, casino dish, brochure, player's card or some other item to remind you of the FUN you had! 

    Or maybe you're looking for that "Unusual" or "Unique" Gift for that someone special!  Perhaps you need to stock your "Man-Cave" or Bar with casino-ware such as; bar glasses, swizzle sticks, coffee mugs or napkins...
Well, here's your chance!
    Maybe your a collector of casino "antiquities" and are looking for something rare to complete your collection or perhaps something unusual that may have come from a Nevada Casino.  We stock our shop with mementos and memories that span back over a century!

All of our collectibles come from (or were made for*) actual Nevada Hotels and Casinos!

We only carry the "Real McCoy"!  
Lots of original, antique & vintage, rare and collectible casino memorabilia!

The memorabilia on this site are from long closed casinos!
While there is still hundreds of items from inventory left to add to the site, once it's gone, it's gone!
We specialize in Las Vegas and other Nevada Casino Collectibles and Memories.
However...collectibles can show up from other states or cities from around the world at any time!

*There may be about a handful of items on the site that were made by (and for) TopShelfChips.com for different promotional events over the years that may be up for sale.
Our stock does change, so check back often.



ON ALL ORDERS OVER $100.00 (in a single order)

We Have Adjusted All Casino Chip Prices To Reflect 
"The Chip Rack" Pricing Guide Prices.

Chip prices are updated as often as possible.  
Pricing is not guaranteed to be at TCR prices for all chips.

And most will be priced well below!

About our Shop

Welcome Back!

  • We've updated the look and function of the site (as well as our logo) to make it much easier to use and a better experience than ever before for the user!  
  • TopShelfChips.com is no longer just a high-end casino chip website!  We are now your main destination for lots of other casino memorabilia too!  Come check it out!  


Our Guarantee:

    We pride ourselves on honesty, integrity, and unparalleled customer service. With this philosophy, we take excellent care of every customer and help in selecting that perfect "memory" and/or collectible.

If there's something you're looking for...and can't find...contact us and ask!  

    If you're not happy with the item you've selected let us know and we'll help make it right!