• Flamingo Hotel & Casino Travel Brochure 1947 (A Sanford D. Adler Hotel) Las Vegas, NV #1989

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    This is possibly the "HOLY GRAIL" of Historical Casino Brochures!  This 1947 version of The Flamingo's brochure was when Sanford "Sandy" Adler took over as manager of The Flamingo, shortly after the assassination of Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel.

    Around that same time, the mob changed the name of the casino from "The Flamingo" to "The Fabulous Flamingo".  This is a rare pamphlet that is found with the original name of then casino manager, "Sanford D. Adler" on it.

    Sandy was a "Front Man" for Meyer Lansky.  Adler could hold a Casino Gaming License without problems from the Commission.  But after 10 months of Sandy's reign without making a profit, Lansky decided to make a change.  He forced Sandy Adler out and put Gus Greenbaum in his place.

    This is a 4 page fold out brochure.