• $25 Sahara Thunderbird Casino Chip Las Vegas, Nevada (Very RARE Find) #4076

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    1964 VERY RARE FIND!  

    Ok, this is the fourth and FINAL of a great line of rare chips!  As most of you already know...I purchased 3 of these beauties from a client that contacted me last year.  He told me the story of his father, who had just recently passed away, had collected these chips along with a $5 Sands "A Place In The Sun" chip as well as about 20 other more common $1 Vegas chips.  

    His father was a pilot who flew High Rollers back and forth to Caesar's Palace in Vegas in the mid 1960's.  He was friends with a fella named Charlie Moynahan, also from Caesar's.  For those of you who aren't familiar, Charlie was the man best known for the creation of the modern day convention...which as you can imagine, brought the casinos tons of fresh cash!  This made him not only popular among casino owners, but helped him reach very high places within the Caesar's Organization.  Well, that's where my client's dad had gotten the chips.  Charlie had given them to him back in the '60s.  It was only after my client's dad's passing last year that these chips were found 50+ years later in his father's things.

    Well, it turns out my client sold me 3 of these Sahara Thunderbird chips and held back the 4th chip for a potential display that he was planning on building in his father's honor!  He was going to use both the Sahara Thunderbird and the Sands chip as well as a chip that pictured Charlie Moynahan that he planned on finding and collecting.  (Yep!  There's a chip out there FYI...my client was never a chip collector prior to this find from his father.  And as all us chippers know, if you don't find your chip within the first few weeks of looking, it's all over...give up cause you'll never find it!  Right?!  NO, not right!

    Anyway, I suspect it was more of the fact that my client saw the price I was asking on my website for the chip which I believe may have helped motivate him to sell this 4th and last chip.  He contacted me again and as one might expect, it was a whole new negotiation this time!  He told me about the chip and why he was now selling it and then he told me what he wanted for the chip this time.  (Now to be clear, he knew what he had and what they were worth when he first contacted me with the 3 chips last year.  We both walked away happy with the deal.)  But now he wanted double!

    Literally after several weeks of back and forth we agreed on a deal!  And here we are today...